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Eco Trails of Caria and Lycia

* The EcoTrails of Caria and Lycia app is now available at I-Tunes and Google stores for download. Also can be downloaded at:

For more information go to the Facebook group page for EcoTrails of Caria and Lycia at

Or Contact Murat or Sonja at Mountains and Seas Travel - Call 0533 694 09 23

The ECOtrails of Caria & Lycia is a project developed by a local resident named Murat Demirci which maps out and provides GPS markers for 470 kilometers of hiking and 700 kilometers of bicycle trails. There are routing signs and signs made in accordance with international standards marking these trails and routes. Mobile apps are currently under development and will be available online soon.

The ECO Trails generally are located in a temperate climate which allows you to enjoy all your activities year-round. Spring and autumn months are ideal for hiking and cycling activities in the region and during summer you can escape from the heat/humidity of the coastal regions by choosing routes in the north.

Being Prepared

If you do not have snow and cold weather gear, you should opt for middle and coastal sections instead of the northern routes under snow during the winter. The highest altitude reached by the routes is 1450 meters on a walk, 2000 meters on a bicycle, and generally snow in the north can be found at an altitude of 1000 meters in the winter.

The clothing to be selected for walking and cycling should be a comfortable, seasonal short-sleeved t-shirt, pants-long sleeved, wool or polar wool-synthetic blend that is lightweight yet healthy of function. Clothes should be worn in thin and multiple layers instead of thicker and fewer layers. Choose materials which absorb the moist immediately and send it out quickly. Thus, when sweating when undressing, try to maintain a certain body temperature. Neither cold nor sweat is good while outdoors hiking.

The appropriate boots or bicycle shoes should be worn and the clothes are most important, but will turn your day into a nightmare if they are not properly selected.

Before Heading Out on Your Trek

When using ECO Trails routes, you have the following warnings and recommendations:

The responsibility for making use of these routes and trails is primarily yours.

If you are not familiar with the region, go on a guided tour or take a tour with at least one of the mobile phone tools with guidebook, map and compass, GPS or ECO Trails mobile app.

Before going on a tour, get current route information from the Eco Trails website; do not go outside the marked route unless necessary.

Keep your personal needs in touch with the wardrobe or by telling your side.

Take note of the steep / narrow gaps in the hollow, pit and nook places. Especially if it is a red-yellow color, it is known that these rocks can break easily.

Use Common Sense - Follow Rules

Act in accordance with the nature of eco-tourism, avoiding the destructive behavior of nature:

Do not throw away garbage put it in a bag and carry it in your backpack
Do not start fire unless you have to
Do not disturb the animals
Do not eat or consume unknown plants

In the countryside you are likely to encounter bee hives and sheep / goat herds and shepherd dogs protecting them and their territory. In such a case, slowly turn away from the hives / crawl, avoiding sudden movements without losing your coolness.

Contribute to the Area

Do not drink or smoke while on a walking / cycling tour.

Fulfill your eating and drinking needs in a way that contributes to the economy of the places you pass.

Give priority to local, small businesses, support sustainable tourism.

Other Trails in Turkey

Lycian Way is a 509 kilometer trail that runs from Fethiye to Antalya around the coast of Lycia, in southern Turkey that combines the spectacular sights of coastal walking with ancient archeological sites. It hugs the coastline around secluded bays, encompasses the 12 kilometer long beach at Patara; allows for breathtaking views over the coast from above Kas and Kalkan. Hikers climb Mount Olympos and witness the ruins of hidden Lycian cities set against the Mediterranean Sea.

St Paul Trail is a 500 kilometer trail from Aspendos or Perge, east of Antalya on the south coast, to Yalvaç, north-east of Lake Eğirdir; the two branches fork at the Roman site of Adada. A new long-distance trail exploring the more remote mountains and lakes of southern and central Turkey affording views in the Yazili Canyon Nature Park; a Roman road from Adada to crossing Lake Eğirdir by fishing boat with village homestays en route.

The Kaçkar Trails are 32 trekking routes, ranging from a few hours hike to several days long that total some 30 days of trekking. A network of mountain paths, some reaching almost 4,000 meters, others climbing from villages to summer pasture between Çamlihemsin and Yusufeli in north-eastern Turkey. Some of the highlights are climbing Mount Kaçkar, Turkey's fourth-highest as well as spotting bear, ibex and wolves. Hikers can also do some exploring of tenth-century Georgian churches.

The Yenice Forest Trail is 396 kilometers with 21 alternative routes – a combination of some day walks, some two or three day hikes that dissect Yenice, a mature woodland area in northern Turkey. A series of trails, easily accessible from Istanbul and Ankara, suitable for biking and horseriding as well as walking. Yenice is near the historic town of Safranbolu, the centre of the saffron crocus harvest and home to the famous Anatolian Safranbolu architecture.

The Evliya Çelebi Way is 1,200 kilometer route from Istanbul to Kütahya that traces the route taken by the Ottoman writer Evliya Çelebi. Back in 2011 the trail celebrated the 400th anniversary of his birth. It is Turkey's first long-distance route suitable for both walkers and horseback riders. It passes through the ancient provinces of Bithynia and Phrygia; Evliya Çelebi's ancestral home, the historic city of Kütahya.

Murat Demirci can be contacted by email at: if you have questions concerning the trails he has mapped.

Or follow ECO Trails of Caria & Lycia on Facebook.

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